Energy Modeling Tools Developed by Energy Modelers

Our growing toolbox will work alongside your normal workflow and simulation software (although they currently work best with IES-VE).

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Automate repetitive data input and processing tasks

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Analyze model data to ensure quality and gain better insights

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Share dynamic reports to let others interact with the data.

How It Works

  1. Select the tool you’d like to use. Each tool has a description and detailed instructions.
  2. Extract data from your energy model using our VE-Scripts - available on the IES Content Store - or by using our spreadsheet templates.
  3. Upload or drag-and-drop the data file(s) into the tool page.
  4. The tool will process the data and either download a file or let you open the dashboard/report in a new page.
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Available Tools

LEED v4 EApc95 Report from CSV image Free

LEED v4 EApc95 Report from CSV

Analyze alternative energy metrics for more LEED points!

HVAC Summary from VE Data image Free

HVAC Summary from VE Data

Generate summary XLSX files from uploaded JSON file.

B & P Energy Results Dashboard image Free

B & P Energy Results Dashboard

Upload 8760 energy use results data and explore with interactive dashboard.

GHG Emissions Summary Report image Free

GHG Emissions Summary Report

Report and analyze GHG emissions data.

Multiple Energy Results Dashboard image Free

Multiple Energy Results Dashboard

Compare energy results for multiple EEMs!

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